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What type of anime/manga do you generally watch/read?


Um I read just about anything from sports to any other genre under shounen and shoujo along with nsfw not gonna lie kinda been on a bl  and romance binge as of late not sorry either really. What I watch though is a little different  if I’ve read it I get super critical about it so it’s 50/50 I’ll watch it and like it. Usually I just glance at it if I like the artwork I give anything about 3 episodes to hook me though and watch whatever on Hulu or Netflix. 

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Do any of your friends share your passion for anime and manga?



Haha I’m proud to say I actually got the majority of my friends hooked back in Middle school after I started buying my own books and we just started borrowing each others when we bought new series or got the new updates before somebody else. That trend stayed all the way through high school we had like our own mini borrowing system. The only thing I hated was when my friends would draw, color, or write in my books pissed me because you can’t erase it or anything and ruins the pages. Also some of the bindings were sorta tanked especially my first couple Furuba books because they were passed around so much. 

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What got you into anime?


Mm well I guess I sorta was kinda always into anime even if I didn’t realize it I loved watching Sailor Moon, Pokemon, and Cardcaptor Sakura growing up and I my favorite and probably first Miyazaki film I ever watched was Kiki’s Delivery Service even if I didn’t know it at the time. I just thought super cute witch and awesome plot okay cool borrowed it from Block buster along with every Sailor Moon movie ever because it was the only animated film I ever really got her to agree to watch. Gotta love the whole everyone has to agree crap.

Cardcaptors was a big one for me though like I absolutely loved the story and the artwork. Clamp was a big focal point for me in middle school like I tried to imitate the style and everything and read and watched just about everything I could get my hands on from them. 

I think my top 5 would have to be Chobits, Cardcaptor’s, Angelic Layer, XXX Holic, and Tsubasa. 

Tsubasa was probably one of the first mangas I ever bought along with Fruits Basket though. It was funny because I bought just about all my manga from Media Play when that still existed. Man I suck though I never did get around to finishing Tsubasa. 

Honestly I like Anime but I favor Manga more because there’s usually more detail and plot whereas most shows either condense or make up their own endings and stuff like Furuba. I absolutely hated the adapted anime for Furuba because it only focused on the first 3 books and gave this super shit ending when I think we were at least at volume 8 when they started animating it. Granted overall I thought the ending to Furuba was kinda weak because they tried to extend it so far out that the story sorta lost focus and appeal to me like to them everyone had to have a pairing or something which really wasn’t necessary.

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gdi I was reading this manga a few years back about a high schooler in a mask killing corrupt politicians but I can’t for the life of me remember what that shit was called….

Sonofabitch I know what they’re talking about but can’t remember the title either the guy had a devil mask on.

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why watch a new anime when you could read eyeshield 21

why read a new manga when you can read eyeshield 21

why go on tumblr when you can read eyeshield 21

why go outside when you can read eyeshield 21

why get a job when you can read eyeshield 21

eyeshield 21

Because I already read it moving on. Granted it was a decent read no lies there not a football fan but this entertained me greatly with a devil like captain what could go wrong. Then again I’ll read just about any manga as long as it’s interesting despite hating stuff in reality.

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You and your bf are also cute together! Does he like manga and anime?


Mm I think he’s more into anime than manga but the only one I know that he’s usually current with is One Piece. So if all 4 of us hung out I could see the boys debating One Piece really easy in my head. I’d love to see how the favorite/best character debate would go because I think Rain would fight to the death for the cause of Usop being the greatest.

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Am I the only one who finds it weird he named his abs Andy and Frank just wondering?

Hakugaku’s Izumida Touichirou Ladies and Gents.

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Do not disobey the rabbits and sheep I repeat do not disobey them. When they say sleep you go to sleep don’t try to leave the room.O_o

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OxO Challenge accepted.

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Would you approach this costumed feline?

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Yogi’s a goner 

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You know honestly I’d love to see if someone like that actually exists. I’d probably react the same way.

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Just saying it’s pretty bad when the adult won’t divulge the information even to the kid that has to do the job.

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I swear I have assholes for friends who would tell my crush what I wanted from the relationship if they knew it.

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So cute